Air BnB Analytics - Copenhagen

From spare rooms, guest houses and converted barns

Airbnb is vastly becoming one of the best ways to make some extra cash. According to a survey commissioned by Airbnb, the majority of travellers say amenities are a top priority for a great trip.

Aside from eye-catching accommodations that can only get you so far with 5.6 million active listings worldwide, what can help YOUR Airbnb stand out?

This inspired the experts at to investigate which amenities can add the most value to your Airbnb in Copenhagen. To do this, they scraped Airbnb to find out the most popular amenities in Copenhagen and created a median cost per night, per bed. The top 10 were then ranked to unveil which amenity holds the most value in Copenhagen. who conducted the study.

Top 10 amenities in Copenhagen

The study undertaken by can reveal that in Copenhagen having a ‘bread maker’ can  increase your Airbnb listing value by €11.57 per night, a 6% value increase compared to supplying ‘streaming services’ that ranks second and 77% increase for ‘outdoor furniture’ that ranks 10th.

Ranking second for amenities that can add value to your Airbnb in Copenhagen is supplying ‘streaming services’, with an increase of €10.82 per night. This is 10% more than having a ‘sound system’ and a ‘waterfront’ in joint third place, adding an average of €9.75 a night in Airbnb listings.

In fifth is ‘paid parking’, adding €8.32 a night to Airbnb listings, a 19% more than the sixth spot, ‘walk-in closet’, increasing value by €6.76 per night.

Supplying outdoor furniture is the top 10 amenity that increase Airbnb value in Copenhagen

Rounding off the top 10, a ‘outdoor furniture’ in Copenhagen can increase your Airbnb value by €2.60 a night, this is 3% less than a ‘freezer’ (€2.73), 23% less than having ‘air conditioning’ (€3.42) and 39% less than a ‘dining area’ (€4.33).


  1. The experts at were intrigued to uncover which guests’ favourable amenities can increase Airbnb values for hosts in Copenhagen.
  2. To do this, 390,000 rows of Airbnb data from around the world was collected from Inside Airbnb which sources publicly available information from the Airbnb site, including more than 70 attributes. Rows with missing data such as no beds or price were removed. These results were then filtered down to just show Copenhagen results.
  3. The cost per person was obtained by dividing the cost per night by the number of beds available
  4. Outliers were removed from the dataset that featured a cost per person of more than €9,000.
  5. To avoid duplicates of the same items (e.g. wi-fi and wifi, refrigerator and fridge), similar variables were collected together under the same name, and common amenities were removed such as hangers, wifi or fire extinguisher.
  6. Counts of each variable were gathered based on amenities in Copenhagen. To acquire valid results amenities with less than or equal to 10 appearances were not included.
  7. For each amenity, the median cost per night and per bed were calculated for all venues that had it, and those that lacked it. These two results were subtracted from one another to return a median price increase when that amenity was included.
  8. The top 10 amenities for Copenhagen were then ranked.