Car commercials still a topic

Despite the energy focus still huge source of entertainment

From a Citroen C4 transformer to a Škoda made of cake, wackier advertisements seem much more likely to have us watching over and over again. With the best car ads featuring cogs, chickens, Darth Vader, crabs and a speeding grandma, the ad that ranked the highest was Honda’s 2015 ‘Paper’.

That's according to a new index study by (Q1, 2022). The research reveals the most popular TV car advertisements based on audience analysis, which includes each ad's views, likes and dislikes on YouTube.

Top 10 most well-regarded TV car adverts of all time

Please find the full dataset here. can reveal the most well-regarded and engaged TV car advertisement of all time is the 2015 ‘Paper’ ad by Honda. Scoring an impressive 8.47/10, the ad takes a journey through six decades of Honda innovation, using thousands of hand-drawn illustrations. The promo has over six million views and a like to dislike ratio of 59:32 on YouTube as of January 2022.

Taking the second spot for most popular TV car advertisements of all time is the 2010 ‘Grandma Driven’ promotion by Volkswagen. The ad shows two men wanting to buy a second-hand Volkswagen and seeing nothing wrong with the vehicle. We then discover through flashbacks that the grandma was putting the car through its paces. With almost 22 million views and a like to dislike ratio of 59:32 as of January, the humorous ad scored 7.31/10.

Following just behind and ranking third is the Jaguar advert ‘Art of Villainy’ that featured Loki star, Tom Hiddleston. The ad that explored why British actors were seemingly the best to play villains, scored 7.12/10. Having only reached 962,246 views, the impactful promo has an impressive like to dislike ratio of 201:55 as of January this year.

Honda and Volkswagen produce the most well-regarded TV car ads

Out of the 25 most well-regarded TV car advertisements of all time, Honda and Volkswagen featured five times. This makes up 40% of the list, suggesting the manufacturers produce the most well-regarded TV car ads.

Germany has produced the best cars for adverts

Of the cars featured in the list of 25 analysed, German manufacturers had the most ads that were well-regarded making 28% of the list. Japan follows just behind with 24% of the list. France and the United States both respectively took 16% each.

Honda has the most viewed advert of those analysed

Of the 25 advertisements analysed, the ‘Hands’ promo by Honda had the most YouTube views at 57 million as of January 2022. The Mercedes-BenzChicken’ ad has just under 24 million views on YouTube and the Volkswagen Grandma Driven’ has 21 million.

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