Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021

With more than 3.5 million connections concluded Jalisco Talent Land Digital 202

From 5 to 8 July, TALENT LAND 2021 took place virtually, after four days of activities, 3,898,145 online connections were registered:

  • More than 20 countries participated in the digital edition of the event
  • The content of the event in on-demand format will be available to attendees through the Talent Channel platform

More than 500 hours of content were broadcast on 11 specialized channels and interaction, Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021 reached its end, closing, surpassing the expectations of online participants. There were exactly 3,898,145 connections of which 52.4 percent were men and 47.6 women. The age range of the audience was between 18 and 65 years (55.2 percent between 18 and 34 years).

The connectivity of the  audience came from more than 20 countries including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and The United States. During the event more than 10,000 networking connections were achieved, through the application of the event. which allowed participants to socialize and learn about similar profiles in terms of professional tastes and interests.

There were more than 530 interactive content sessions between conferences and workshops and meet & greet, with the participation of 630 speakers and facilitators who contributed their talent, experience and passion to all the talents, among which: Steve Wozniak, Seth Godin, Adam Savage, Yalitza Aparicio, Hugo Blendl, Marisa Lazo; Luisito Comunica. Ophelia Pastrana, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Carlos Muñoz, among many others.

The digital meeting also had the participation of more than 50 edutubers, who made clear that in terms of education, content is never enough; among those who highlighted: JulioProfe, owner of the Guinness World Record of the world’s largest online math class; Tonatiuh Moreno, creator of CuriosaMente, an animated YouTube channel with nearly two million subscribers; as well as the humor and the creativity of Josué Aguirre of Ghost Monitor, Cultural dissemination channel also of the video platform Youtube.

In addition, another edition of the Talent Hackathon was held on this occasion presented by Citibanamex. The track was: "sustainable and sustainable trade of small producers", in which participation of 721 young entrepreneurs integrated into various multidisciplinary teams was achieved. The winner took a bag of 50,000 Mexican pesos and the implementation of its prototype.

Among the most representative keynote conferences were:

On July 6, Seth Godin: The Great Marketing Visionary Shared His Way to Success with the Talent Land Audience

"Remember that you’re not building a business for yourself, you’re building it for your customers and your workers, so build something you’re always proud of," he said.

In a conversation with Carlos Muñoz, Godin, he asked Godin what he thinks about the idea of marketing being "a tool that deceives people," to which Godin replied that marketing is what happens when you ask a person their brand, company or even favorite person and why, and she replies that it is her favorite because she keeps her promises, because she does great things, because they take her where she wants to go, and when it is used in a negative way and to promise what cannot be fulfilled, it is only fussing.

For Seth Godin, the best way to get customers is to be at the right time when they need you, to solve a specific problem:

"You need to choose three people that you understand well enough to give them extraordinary work, and then, and here’s the key, solve this job in a way that these three people’s lives will improve if they tell others what you did".

Godin mentioned that, when selling, it must be understood that there are customers who buy something because it is new, while there are others who do it because it is good and works. One of the tips that Seth Godin shared for new entrepreneurs were not to think about original ideas or objects but to identify specific needs that those who were before you did not identify and offer a solution to these needs.

For growing small companies, Seth Godin shared three tips for

identify negative customers or customers who should avoid:

  1. If you have a client who spends a lot of time on your management, it is only stealing the time you can devote to your future clients.
  2. If you have a customer who does not want to be of great value to you and only complains, you will not move forward and you will only walk in circles.
  3. If the customer does not share their good experiences with you with friends or acquaintances but does share their complaints about you.

He explained the concept of "tribes" that he addressed in one of his books, and that he defines as a group of people connected by a common goal, a leader, a geographic space, etc. and that in marketing he means that he has ended the trend of offering products that everyone needs, to provide a specific product, service or expertise for a specific community.

"But it is important to understand that these tribes are not ours, they do not belong to us, so as entrepreneurs, we have to decide which tribes we are here for and why it is important that they listen to what we have to say". He noted.

Another of the most anticipated conferences was on July 8 with Steve Wozniak, the great technology visionary and co-creator of the Apple company, taking the main stage of Talent Land. In a conversation with Freddy Vega, CEO of Platzi, Wozniak shared that he can now visualize more clearly a better future than before, and that it is not a matter of engineering but of invention, that come from minds that always question what happens around the world, and these people who are constantly exploring our inventors.

Regarding his relationship with Steve Jobs, he commented that they both made a deal in every year Jobs visited him, saw his inventions, and took them with the goal of transforming them into a business to get money, because he did not have a great vision of what a computer was, but he knew very well how to trade and sell the product.

Back then, computers were more for business and accounting, so it was not very common to have one at home, but Wozniak realized that, as a result of the implementation of games in them, people would want to start having one at home.

"With Apple, I realized that I could become a full-time engineer and not just a software designer," he said of the reasons that motivated him to leave Hewlett Packard. He explained that programming tools are going to be a very recurring thing from now on.

Finally, she shared that although technology is already a big part of us and is increasingly gaining power, there are still aspects of the human being that cannot be replicated by it.

"I as a person can have memories or visualize fun events of my life, whether it’s a carnival, the beach, all those feelings that a computer doesn’t have because it hasn’t lived a human life".

With the entry to Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021, talents will be able to see all the conferences, meet & greet, as well as the workshop of their favorite speakers until December 31, on the site On Demand: Talent Channel.